Protection plus

Three layers of protection – and still looking good!

Our custom face masks come with special top binding creating a tight fit around the face and reduced fogging of glasses without the need for a nose pin. All our masks come with three layer protection including high quality filter, antimicrobial inner lining and a moisture wicking outer lining that will assist in the protection of virus aerosol droplets that we are all trying to avoid. All while looking incredibly good.

Our masks are made to fit snug and to ensure no gaps allowing aerosol droplets in. That being said, there are no cloth masks that will give `100% protection. So please follow all the rules, wash your hands thoroughly, hand sanitiser as often as you need and don’t touch your mask unless your hands are clean.

Wash you mask as often as you need. Ideally after each use. The colour and print will not fade. HAND WASH
in warm water with mild detergent or hand soap. Rinse in cold water. Drip dry.

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