If you have any questions regarding the designing, sizing or ordering of your premium custom printed mask please check below and hopefully you will find your answer. If not then do not hesitate to contact us via chat, email or phone. All our contact details are in the footer below.

1. Do I need to buy a filter to put in the Mask?

No, we use a high quality spunbond filter that is designed to keep dust and particles out.

2. What are the materials used for the masks?

We use a moisture wicking polyester fabric for the outer layer which provides optimum protection and allows for high quality printing that will not wash out or fade. The filter (middle layer is a spunbond that is designed to repel dust and other particles and the inner layer is an anti-microbial micromesh that provides excellent action against sweat and skin irritation.

3. What is the difference between the Series (the mask names)?

Our Series V is our Velcro version with velcro tab at the back of the mask for easy on and easy off. Our Series X mask is a full piece mask that you place over your head to put on and take off. Both provide a great fit based on your selections via the size chart and can hang around your neck when not in use so it is there when you need it.

4. How do I upload my own image to put on my mask?

When you enter the online designer you can select the Photo option in the menu in the left hand side and then select the upload option. To upload and place your image in the mask you need to accept our terms and conditions then you are good to go.

5. How do I add text or a logo onto my Mask?

When you enter the online designer you can select the text button on the left hand menu then you can select a header option to get started or you can select from one of the pre-designed text headings and just update the words and the position on the mask.

6. What material is better for being active?

Polyester is by far the best option for a face mask whether you are out walking or being more active. The moisture wicking qualities and anti-microbial fabric perform in an ideal manner. It is why sports garments like football and basketball apparel are made using polyester.

7. Do these masks avoid my glasses fogging up.

Make sure you position the mask so it rests high up on your nose and goes around under your ears. If you wear glasses by positioning them high up on your nose and your glasses are resting on the band you will have no issues with fogging.

8. What about environmental issues?

We recycle all our fabric waste and are happy for you to return your mask when you are finished with it so we can recycle the fabric which will end up being recycled into future fabric.

9. How do I wash my mask?

Please wash your mask before wearing. Hand wash in warm water with hand soap or a mild detergent then rinse in cold water. Hang out to dry. Wash at least each day after use.

10. Are these Masks Medical Grade?

NO! Simple. No cloth face masks are medical grade. The triple layer protection is an accepted standard in assisting with airborne aerosols (like if someone sneezes or coughs near you) so it is important to wear one when required to do so.

11. Can I get custom made sizes for my kids? 

Our XS Small size will fit most young teenagers. Check out our size guide on the mask you have selected and if you feel you need it to be a bit smaller than XS Small the velcro version can be adjusted to be tighter around the neck.

12. How should my mask fit?

Very snuggly! No gaps anywhere. That is why we have specially designed our masks with the top band which based on your Size Chart selection will be a great fit.

13. How often should I wash my mask?

Often. We suggest daily but realistically if you have been handling your mask often (taking it on and off regularly) then wash it as soon as possible. So when you are ordering your My Custom Face Mask custom designed mask, why not order a second so one can be drying while you are wearing the other one.

14. What is the correct way to remove my mask?

The best part about the Series V velcro mask is that you only have to release the mask using the velcro tab on the back. With teh Series X masks take care in removing it over your head. Place your hands on the top band on both sides of your head and pull gently over your head. Always avoid touching the inside of your mask and especially the front area.

15. Can I order large quantities of masks for my work, club or other entity?

Yes you can. You can visit our corporate site imagedigital.com.au where you can place your volume orders along with a range of other great products and services.

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